Amazon Echo Review 2016 – Not Just Another Speaker!

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Product Name – Amazon Echo

My Overall Ranking: 8.5/10

Wife’s Ranking: 10/10
Price: $179.99 Amazon Echo

Hi there! Kevin here with another exciting review! I am dedicated to bringing you exclusive reviews to help you avoid wasting your own time!

Let’s get started on what I loved and did not like so much about our newest household gadget!

The Birthday GiftWifeRecievingHerNewEcho

June 21, 2016 was right around the corner. I had to THINK quickly! What could I possibly get my wife for her birthday! It was like an ECHO in my head! I slowly typed AMAZON in my search bar. The echo in my head was a reminder of this specific product I had very little knowledge about until now.

I acknowledged this review strictly backwards for a reason, the words ECHO and AMAZON were not really a valid topic of conversation in my life. Well maybe Amazon was, but before my wife opened my eyes to just how ingenious this gadget really is. I can honestly say it was an ECHO I wish I would have heard when it first hit the market.

Luckily she constantly throws hints for different gifts throughout the year to allow me to bring an honest review to everyone today! Amazon Echo Speaker Review simplified: Is not just a speaker!

5 Reasons You Should Consider – PROS

Here are 5 reasons I’m recommending you give this product your full attention!

  1. It is a gift my wife continually enjoys each day and I get to as well! (win/win scenario) – Great gift for your spouse if they are into technology.
  2. Simplicity yet Sophisticated (Down to the Design: Simple, Sturdy Structure, Ease of Use, and Futuristic) – Really love the LED lights as you turn the volume up or down.
  3. It is compatible with other gadgets: Nest Learning Thermostat,it is another great addition to your household if you like the idea of controlling your thermostat via smartphone.
  4. Play your own music or stream it easily using Pandora, iHeart Radio, Spotify and other services: news, podcast, audio books, etc.
  5. Fits perfectly into your daily routine – I keep finding out neat new things with this nifty product and it is always learning as I learn.

I never thought I’d be enjoying the Echo as much as I have within this small amount of time. It has literally only been around a week and a half, yet it is making my life and my family’s much more simple. From telling “Alexa” to turn out my lights when it’s bedtime using the Wemo Light Switch (other options to check out: Motion Sensor and which is really amazing if you’re very tech savvy), to add a grocery list that syncs directly to my smartphone, setting a kitchen timer, or simply playing music.

“The features keep growing just like the capabilities of this divine smart home device.” Alexa is a lifestyle experience I really did not realize I wanted. It has excessive uses for anyone progressing into the future of a smart home!

5 Things You Should Know – CONS

It was a bit more difficult to write this section of the review, but none the less no product is perfect and I like to fully engage you in contributing your own experience with the product in the comment section below. If you decided to purchase it or perhaps already have one!

  1. My number one complaint is the speaker bass, it tends to be a bit weak even at high volumes, overall the quality is amazing for most room settings, but I have no doubt that they will integrate additional speaker capabilities or the ability to interface with other subwoofers/a TV sound bar? Considering I had the pleasure of getting this Samsung Wireless Audio Soundbar as a Father’s Day gift! This feature would make me completely erase my complaint if they implement it and I would certainly retract this statement.
  2. Of course, if your area does not supply a decent internet connection this product is probably not right for you. Power outages or WiFi outage can cause the product to be basically useless, but that is sort of self-explanatory. Just thought I’d mention it.
  3. Smart TV compatibility with the ECHO is not a thing yet.
  4. You can’t ask Alexa to call someone.
  5. The COST? Can get expensive. Since this product is growing rapidly it tends to add more to your shopping list as it grows.

As you see I used the words CAN! The Echo itself in my personal opinion is wonderful on pricing! For everything this gadget does out of the gate, $180 is not a bad price tag at all. Making additional purchases easing the comfort of making your home smart as your Amazon Echo continues to grow is ultimately…PRICELESS!

My Final Product Evaluation

100 Hundo

I can definitely recommend this product with my LEGIT stamp of approval. As far as Amazon Echo’s competition, it is in a league of its own currently. If it continues to grow, the potential is unimaginable!

You might not realize you even want this product, but trust me, YOU WILL! I would like to recommend this product to everyone looking to increase their smart home success.

It is clearly the only inventive smart home product with multiple functionalities that keeps incorporating 3rd party products to produce more use out of this one stop smart home device!

“Check out Amazon Prime Free Trail if you decide to get your own Alexa”

It’s definitely worth it to get the full use out of the talented Amazon Echo!

What are your thoughts?

Once again my name is Kevin. As the Founder of, I’m grateful to continually provide quality content and reviews! As the Amazon Echo grows on me, I will visit this post directly and continue adding everything else I possibly can to help you make a sound buying decision!

Are there any products you would like me to review next? Please feel free to comment below. I will continue to grow my content based on you! My readers are important to me and I would love you to interact with me directly! Drop a comment below!

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  1. I’ve seen the Echo on Amazon, and I must say, it looks AWESOME! Amazon is certainly going up in the world where tech gadgets are concerned.

    The great thing about buying your wife gifts like this is that you can secretly use them too. HA HA.

    The pros of the echo sound great and would definitely sound ideal for blasting out my music. However, the con doesn’t seem that bad since I never have loud music coz of complaining neighbours.

    As for the Samsung soundbar, I bought the curved one along with the base box and it’s AMAZING, especially for movies and Youtube music videos.

    I’ll look into the Echo.

    • Hey Neil,

      I’m really enjoying the Samsung soundbar for movie nights! I had a good time writing about the Echo because it really impressed me. It is truly something I never really wanted, but I’m getting a lot of use out of it (more than my wife Ha Ha).

      The cons definitely don’t outweigh all the pros in my opinion. Knowing that Amazon is constantly adding more on top of what the Echo can already do, makes me hopeful on an alternative speaker option at some point. I’m lucky enough to not have the complaint problem where I live.

      Thanks for stopping by and checking out my review! I hope it brought you some insight on what the product can do.


  2. This ooks like an amazing little gadget that might indeed good for me. I do need a wireless speaker and this might nail it.

    Do you know if they ship to the UK or is there are seller in the UK from who I can buy?

    • Unfortunately, I did not touch this subject in my post. Currently, the Echo is only available in the US. There are a couple of ways around this.

      #1 Search For Amazon Echo The only Ebay seller I noticed that had it available – Con is it will cost more.
      #2 Have someone you know from the US ship it to you – most cost effective route, but shipping might take longer (perhaps send the amount via PayPal to a trusted friend or they can create a buy link for you, I might even be able to do this if you’re serious about purchasing the Echo).
      #3 If you happen to take a trip to U.S. you can pick one up during your visit.
      #4 They are currently working on release dates outside of U.S. – Might have to wait if any of the other options don’t work out for you.

      Hope this gave you some insight, if I find any other options I’ll definitely keep you updated!

      Thanks for bringing up a point I should have covered,


  3. Thanks for the review of the Amazon Echo. I am in the market for a speaker for my house. I was not aware of all the things the echo can do. Great technology indeed. Your review was very visually pleasing. I will be checking back to your site for future reviews. Thanks again. Cheers!

    • Hey John,

      Yeah, I’m certainly enjoying all the different abilities the Echo provides. Glad the content wasn’t an eye strainer! I’d be happy to chat with you about future products I’ll be reviewing. As always if you have any questions or comments feel free to drop by and I will do everything I can to answer them.

      I hope to see you stop by again soon! Thanks!

  4. Moneysavingmama

    I have been looking into getting an echo from Amazon for a while but I just could not justify the price tag. I do have a few questions before I move forward with this investment. I use Google Music ( I have a subscription), can I play music from there as well? I also have some additional blue tooth speakers, is there a way to connect them to the Echo for additional sound? Thank you for the wonderful review on the product and it has really opened my eyes on what I get for my investment.

    • Hi Robyn,

      Great question. I’m glad to say Google Music works with the Amazon Echo. I truly think they will add a feature to connect additional speakers at some point. As far as I know I have not seen any more details yet. I stress the word yet because I’m sure they will be making this an additional feature to the Echo.

      Quite honestly I can say with confidence that this speaker has amazing sound quality and is already very good in the sound department!

      Just my opinion, but sometimes…I’m afraid Alexa can’t hear me when I have the volume maxed out and blasting during my morning workouts with my M5 Bowflex Trainer which I’ll be reviewing as well in the upcoming weeks! Great machine if your short on time to workout btw!

      Thanks for checking it out and let me know what you think if you happen to invest in the product! I’m still loving our Alexa! No complaints thus far!

      Thanks for your time and kind words.

      Take care,


  5. I bought the Amazon Tap a few months ago. I must say, I haven’t explored the full range of functions. I do like some of the fun stuff, like playing “Simon Says” I mostly use it to switch between my I Heart Radio and Amazon Music. It sounds great for a portable speaker. I’m not sure how long it will play on a single charge, but it’s never been an issue. One drawback is that you have to push a button on the Tap to get Alexa’s attention.
    BTW – Kevin, do you think you will be reviewing the Google Home?

    • Hi Joe,

      The Amazon Tap is a decent companion for a lower price. If the push button is the only drawback, that is not to bad! I was considering purchasing the Tap during the Cyber Monday Deals.

      I ended up not making the purchase because I was not sure the speaker would be loud enough to initially do what I would want it to (basically a speaker for the bathroom when I take a shower).

      On that note! I’m still finding out new additions to the Echo everyday! I’m really enjoying it still to this day.

      I looked into the Google Home – I think it would be a great option if you were already subscribed to google music. I feel that the Amazon Echo already has an early jump and can easily compete by adding more features before the Google Home even arrives.

      I will be keeping an eye on the Google Home and depending on the pricing…..I may splurge and pick it up for a comparison review!

      Thanks for the info on the TAP! Take care Joe!


  6. I do think the Tap should be loud enough for a bathroom speaker. For it’s size, the speaker is surprisingly loud and clear. Not sure about it’s water resistance, though.

    • Good point Joe! Yeah personally I don’t like to test things with water regardless. Have had the Samsung S7 Edge for quite awhile now and I still can’t bring myself to actually submerge it in water even when it claims water resistance.


  7. Hey there! I really liked your review about amazon echo. I’ve been searching for a product same like this for a while now. I heard good things about it but when it comes to technology I don’t have a lot of knowledge. Do you think that this is worth the money? How does this compare to the google’s home? I really appreciate your response.

    • Hey again John,

      It was really hard to compare the Amazon Echo considering it was introduced to the market before the Google Home flagship really sailed. I didn’t want to take the question lightly either, so I did a bit of research (I do not own the Google Home, so I really can’t give my physical opinion on it).

      First I’d like to say Amazon Echo is amazing and continues to grow because it was the initiator from the two products. Hence it has had more time to develop and incorporates more apps and functionality each day. Google Home is piggybacking at this point so to speak.

      I’m a regular android user to be completely honest. One benefit that sold me on the Echo is it’s tie-in with Amazon Prime. Prime offers a lot of valuable features including two day free shipping, music, tv exclusives, movies, even a free subscription to your favorite twitch streamer since Amazon owns Twitch. I’m already a member of Prime, so it just made the option a much more valuable product for my household.

      Needless to say I have a bias opinion on the matter. The functionality and promotion looks of Google Home looks great, but unless you’re already subscribed to Google Music and not Amazon Prime. Nothing has really sold me with Google Home yet.

      I’m eager to learn more about Google Home, but I’m the type that has to have hands on the product before making a solid conclusion. I’ll be checking more into the Google Home as the product progresses.

      If you acquire a Google Home or know someone that has it specifically, please feel free to chime in! I love technology and want my readers to get the honest truth about every product or service I cover!

      Thanks for an outstanding question.


  8. Great article. I personally own an Amazon Echo, but I have the smaller Echo Dot and I love it. I am currently converting my home to a smart home and the Amazon Echo is how I manage most of my devices. The TV, my light bulbs, and even kitchen appliances are all controlled with my voice thanks to the Echo. Its also how I get my morning news.

    • Hi Joey,

      My wife loved the Amazon Echo! I was slightly worried that the Google Home might be a game changer, but the benefits of Amazon Prime outweighs what Google offers in my honest opinion! In fact, we were looking into purchasing the Echo Dot, but my wife had eyes on the recent release of the Echo Show.

      I’m currently writing a thorough review of our experience with the device. I can simply say it is just as enjoyable thus far! Good luck on the smart home conversion! It is still amazing to see how many times we use both Echo (is what we call our Show now in our bedroom) and Alexa (our previous Echo which is now setup in our living room for the family to use).

      Thank you for the awesome details about your Echo Dot experience! We may be introducing those in our kids rooms shortly, so it’s nice to see some insight considering it does everything that the Amazon Echo does as a smaller and more cost-efficient version!



  9. I just finished reading your Amazon Echo Review. I didn’t know the Amazon Echo could do so many things. It reminds me of Star Trek with the voice activated computers.

    I decided to go ahead a buy the Amazon Echo after reading your review. I can’t wait for it to arrive so I can try it out.


    • Hey Jack,

      That is awesome! So glad I could bring a little more Star Trek to your home haha! I just recently went through Lasik & Amazon Echo kept me company all those days I was recovering! I’ll be doing a Lasik experience review shortly!

      Feel free to shoot me another comment letting me when you receive the Amazon Echo, what you like & don’t like about it! I see even more potential for the Echo later down the line, but that’s just my opinion!


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