About Kevin

Born September 18, 1984, wow 32 in 2016 already feels insane!


Fresh out of high school. Beginning my journey that lead me here!

I started out as a very optimistic person (sky is the limit type of persona). Like many I did not know what I wanted to be when I became an adult, but knew I was interested in computers at the age of 13.

I started working for my degree in computer science, which changed over the course of my life from Dentistry to Radiology and the current career of Real Estate. In between all this I worked various jobs (dentist office, warehouse, and advertising) that I was never very passionate about before real estate and my own online business.

I developed a love for gaming from consoles early on (Atari, NES, Genesis, N64, and Dreamcast to name a few), but through my grandfather I discovered the PC. I use to watch him spend hours playing a PC game called: Dune. I knew from that moment that I was immersed by the PC.

Who knew it would shape my life towards creating my own websites and helping build my own/others online success.



Started 2009 – Finished Building and Proudly lived in since late 2012

My hard work, dedication, and of course my Real Estate career with all my previous jobs brought me to this point in my life. I’m mortgage free, excluding taxes and utilities which you have to pay consistently. I had a blast creating this chapter in my life! It is why I am sharing this with you today to continue my future chapters!


I began to dabble in credit cards and they are a part of my life now for various reasons. The very thing I wanted to avoid mortgage was basically replaced with credit cards! My goal is to eliminate them completely and create a steady income with no degree or experience. To make this dream a reality I had to have a plan of course!

I stumbled across an amazing social hangout called Wealthy Affiliate that is paving the way for my online business success! I’ve entertained various online sources such as pyramid schemes, MLM, and other Scams.

I am here today to help you avoid those by checking out an honest community for free and decide if it is right for you! If you would like to join me within Wealthy Affiliate, you can register here to create your free Starter membership.


So here I am. A loving Husband and Step-Father of three wonderful children I claim as my own: Two girls and one boy, ages nineteen, seventeen, and thirteen! I enjoy every precious moment of life and continue to grow each day as an individual with every experience I encounter.

My hobbies include: Spending ample amounts of time with my family, fitness/health, music, gaming whether it’s mobile, console, or PC. Which leads me into a new found passion! Building my own online business through an online source that I have come to know as another family!

Again my name is Kevin and I really appreciate getting the opportunity to meet new people. Be sure to drop a comment below or reach me directly at Wealthy Affiliate (here is the link to my profile).

Your Friend,


Founder of BuilTooLastOnline.com

The Family

Hanging with the family! Tree Climbing Since 1989 😛

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