Don’t ever buy anything? Ha, if it was only that easy! In today’s age of computer technology, it is much more simple to gain access to products around the world. Let’s bring their intention to everyone!


Spotting scams can be hard for the average user. We are all skeptical by nature, but at some point, whether it’s a celebrity, infomercial, or the typical product that may just be trying to make a buck. This UPS the possibility of running into scams whether you realize it or not.

GROWING Pains – Community interaction can help

This section will continue to grow as I do! Have you ever been scammed? Frankly, I’m tired of it! As you think about my takeaways throughout my site in the content I write, they should help you make a sound decision on each investment. In turn, this will be the easiest way to avoid scams!

I ask you to remember this…“I’m looking to bring value to your decisions.” I could just be another individual to jump on the bandwagon and just produce content that brings in revenue right?

The bad affiliate reputation – warning this may include Entrepreneurship

Not in the way you may think. Instead, our intention is to bring you quality reviews with the hope it will steer you away from all the falsified products that exist in today’s material world.

Not to say all these materials or programs are bad, but some are SCAMS! If you purchase anything indirectly through this website it supports me and my family with a kickback feature. How is that so bad?

Affiliates get a bad name and I just wanted to take a moment to explain what an affiliate actually consist of. Technically speaking I’d like to establish this “Affiliate” term as Entrepreneurship instead. Since it is the updated term for affiliates.

sales commission – How it works

You can easily head over, buy a product, it will just be another affiliate link for someone else to obtain a kickback and you have still bought the product for the same amount in most cases. We don’t realize that, but it happens in real life as well.

An example in real life, you walk into a mattress store. After speaking with the salesmen you weigh your options and end up purchasing if they make sense. That salesman receives a commission. “Being an Affiliate/Entrepreneur is essentially a job”

To top off this statement, I want to reiterate the value of what I provide with my Wealth Affiliate 2016 Definitive Review. I’m giving you the opportunity to Swiftly Work From Home and create a residual income for you and your family! You can become an Entrepreneur too.

The other side of the coin – a non-sales industry

Of course, that normally pertains to sales industries? Not necessarily just the sales industry.

How do you think companies supply bonus checks to hard working people within an everyday work environment? KICKBACKS – Either way, you look at it there is more or less a kickback in most areas of life.

support my work

With that being said If you enjoy my reviews or any of my additional content. Help support my ability to bring more content by weighing your decision here. My intention is LEGIT, you can’t say I am not up front and honest with everyone that stumbles across my site!

The takeaway – what do you think?

If you have ever encountered a scam recently. Please support my reviews and the community by contributing to them! The best way to do that is to simply leave a comment below or directly contact me using my Wealthy Affiliate Profile or Email me at

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