Wealthy Affiliate For 2016 – My Unique Perspective – Definitive Edition

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Ready To Start an Online Business in 4 Easy Steps?

(1 month in)…I said to myself “I’ve actually got a plan to work from home and Wealthy Affiliate has provided me the learning tools and guidelines to establish my very own online business”

I know some of you were searching for a way to work from home if you managed to get here. I’m not here to lie or scam you, so I want to make this statement “there will be hard work and dedication required to make an online business work” If your not prepared for that…It’s fine! You have help! Most successful businesses are not created in a day and this scenario is no different.

You do not want to fall into another scam before reading what Wealthy Affiliate consist of and how it can benefit you right? Is this actually legit or not? Is a very logical assessment when you invest your time in anything. It is definitely LEGIT! Not a scam. I am so excited to recommend Wealthy Affiliate and definitely gets my stamp of approval…

My Online Experience

I fell for numerous scams throughout the years. I was drawn in by the quick get rich schemes claiming how easy it is to make money online. Over the years I have found out there is no such thing as getting rich quick without hard work (which is never quick). I had given up with an online income source at this point in my life.

12 years later I am looking to change that outlook by investing my own hard work and downtime specifically in finding an honest opportunity to make money online…

I came across this website that talks about Wealthy Affiliate. I read the whole review and even took a second glance over it again. I couldn’t believe what I was reading.

It is FREE. No credit card details are required. I was certainly intrigued. Usually, people will ask you for your financial details and give you a 30-day money back guarantee.

Wealthy Affiliate will give you a free membership FOREVER if you choose to. Of course, there will be an offer to upgrade to a premium membership. But a free membership was on the table, so I took it.

Free Membership Situation

I had the pleasure starting with Wealthy Affiliate on May 9th, 2016. There is really no reason to ignore a free opportunity. I completed my account profile and added a photo of myself. I would recommend you do the same. A completed profile attracts a lot more help in the community.

The minute I completed my profile, I was “immediately” greeted from members within the community. I really thought that it was an automated profile set up by Wealthy Affiliate. But it wasn’t. Greetings were given by actual members, not an automated message from Tom in Myspace welcoming me to the site that I never heard from again.

I was immediately directed to a Get Started Here course. It contains 10 modules. The modules will guide you from ground zero to having an actual website and easy platform called WordPress to work with.

You can also join the Affiliate Bootcamp course that brought me to this point. If you want to immediately make money as a free member, this is the step you should take. FYI, as a free member, your commission is only half compared to the premium members.

I was really amazed at what were given for FREE. Think about it.
Even if you have no computer experience, no college degree, or even a website. Wealthy Affiliate provides an opportunity to get started for free. You can start an online business in just a week with a couple of hours of hard work (I currently have a full-time job and family to provide for. It is not stopping me from growing an online business). This site is just one example.

 Premium Membership

I actually finished all the free courses that were provided and already had a website running. But I wanted more. I asked the members and they all directed me to Premium Member tools.

“Yep! There is a catch after all”, I thought to myself. “I have to pay now”. What if I don’t want to pay? They said it is OK. You can stay as a free member forever and they still provide help?

But I really wanted to learn more. I wanted to use all the features that are provided inside the Premium Membership.

Wealthy Affiliate offers you a huge discount for your first month of membership during the first 7 days you joined as a Free member. If you become a Premium Member during this period, you only pay $19 instead of $47.

I thought for a second, “I spend more for a family meal daily and I can certainly afford to invest that amount for a month towards a future business with potential to provide an online income”. So I upgraded to Premium at the end of the 7 days. I am skeptical by nature after all. As I stated I put my time and money into previous online make money situations.

I am pleasantly surprised with my experience. Now I can use all the features provided. I can continue my lessons. There are 4 more courses with 10 modules on each course.

After the first month ended. I already upgraded to the yearly premium membership. It saves almost 36% which works out to about $29 monthly instead of the $47 monthly cost.

 My Results

I really do hope that you do not have Get Rich Quick attitude. That has failed in the past right? Any legitimate business will take years of sweat, blood, and energy to build. Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam. So you will have to build your business and expect results like any other legitimate business.

The reason why I said Wealthy Affiliate is LEGIT. Simply from my experience thus far is my progress in learning. I have recently applied my knowledge of creating a website alone to help build a website for a Co-Workers band! My first reaction was to send them directly to Wealthy Affiliate and explained to them how simple it is to build a website. Turns out some people are just more inclined to say what if I pay you to build me a website?

Check out my First Sale

Building a website for $150! With reoccurring fees to continually upgrade their Tour Dates, Blogs, and Content, all of which they brought up in our conversation.

Did I ask myself why? The reason was simple. “I stare at a computer all day at work and the last thing I want to do is go home to work on a website”.

This outlook alone was crazy to acknowledge, but it gave me an insight on making additional income by helping out people I come across who do not want to spend time working on a website.

Although that is just my first sale outside of Wealthy Affiliate. I have noticed my site health growing day by day as I add more content. I have run into other results within Wealthy Affiliate, which you will see if you join the community.

Success stories from $5,000 a month, some less and some more. One thing I’ve noticed is the success always differs. I believe in the knowledge provided within Wealthy Affiliate and it has helped me grow as an individual with the community interaction alone.

How can you discount their success stories and not take a free look into an honest business opportunity? By the way, this is your business, so you are investing in yourself! You don’t have anything to lose!

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

I can safely say that Wealthy Affiliate is a HUGE group of people learning and helping each other to build a successful online business. Experts and Newbies are there exchanging information, lessons, tips, and tricks. They are really making money online and reserve nothing when helping each other.

It is a big community. I consider… it MENTORS of KNOWLEDGE.

Kyle and Carson, the founder and co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate, are readily available. You can reach out to them. Ask them questions. They will reply you. Due to their busy schedules, there might be a delayed reply, but they will reply you. A personal reply. Not some computer generated replies.

Wealthy Affiliate Pros and Cons

Wealthy Affiliate Positives:

      • NO CREDIT CARD details. It is totally free to join and explore.
      • NO SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD / INSTALL. You just use it immediately. Just like Twitter, Facebook, and Google. You can access it with all kind of gadgets; PC, Mac, tablets, and smartphones.
      • NO PRESSURE to act now. You are given a free forever membership.
      • Learn at your own pace.
      • The courses are task-based. You will be given tasks to complete. This is to apply what you have just learned from the course.
      • The support system is AM – AZ – ING!
      • You are surrounded with like minded people. This will help you to focus on your goal.
      • You can ask successful Internet Marketers and Bloggers. They are more than willing to help you.

Wealthy Affiliate Negatives:

      • Too much information that can be overwhelming to a total newbie. I was paralyzed by it, to tell you the truth. I needed to calm my overloaded brain. (The information alone is more than a “get what you paid for scenario” it is very extensive).
      • The community is so heart warming. Members are exchanging greetings and information all the time. You may lose track of time while engaging conversations inside WA, forgetting to study and progress your business. (I really don’t consider this to be negative as every encounter is informative). I have actually been here for the last few weeks and the social aspect is endearing. It creates a new perspective on your own business and how you can apply some of the knowledge you come across overall if you change your outlook.

Benefits simply outweigh the cons.

Who is Wealthy Affiliate for?

Basically, EVERYONE who wants to build an online business and earn income online.

Maybe you are one of these people:

      • Stay at home parents who wants to earn additional income
      • Bloggers who want to monetize their blogs
      • People who were laid off
      • Men and Women interested to learn about Internet Marketing
      • Men and Women interested to learn about Affiliate Marketing
      • Retired people who want additional pocket money
      • Working people who need additional dollars to pay their bills
      • Local business owners who want to have an online presence
      • Local business owners who need to understand better SEO and website building
      • Anyone looking for a fast and reliable web hosting
      • Web enthusiasts who want to learn to build a website.
      • Or any ordinary people.

I am amazed at all sort of people I meet here at Wealthy Affiliate. Status at Wealthy Affiliate does not matter, so don’t get discouraged by the ranking system within WA. Even the top members are happy to stop by even before you have a fully established online business on your hands!

What does Wealthy Affiliate offer?

Wealthy Affiliate has several courses that have more modules in each course:

  1. “Get Started Here” This is where you start your online business lessons. The first course, which contains 10 task-based modules, is available to a free starter member. With it, you can immediately start your online business and start making money with your niche website. The other courses here only available to a premium member.
  2. “Affiliate Bootcamp” Like the above, only the first course is freely available to a starter member. The first course (with its 10 task-based modules), will guide you to set up a “make money on the Internet” niche website and earn money. Remember, a free Starter Member will only get half of the commission.
  3. Weekly Live Webinars (this is for premium members) You will learn everything that is hot and cool about making money online and web building. The webinar will have a Q&A session afterward. You can ask anything related to the week topic.
    Lots of Classrooms, Training and Blogs that will help you to get ahead of your game.

Wealthy Affiliate has amazing tools:

      • Free WordPress websites hosted at SiteRubix.com (2 websites for Starter Member, 50 for Premium Member).
      • FREE WordPress themes and plugins to use on your WordPress installations.
      • FREE Keyword Research Tool to find your best long-tail keywords.
      • FREE Rapid Writer that allows you to start writing your articles right away. It will help you to see keywords density.

Wealthy Affiliate has amazing support:

        • Live Chat – This is a 24/7 chat that is filled with members from all around the world. You can ask anyone online for help or give help.
        • WordPress Hosting Support – This is also a 24/7 available. You just need to send a ticket for any technical issue you face.
        • Comment and Feedback system – You will need insights and advice about your newly build website. Just ask for a feedback and a comment.
        • Questions and Answers – If you can’t find your way around the biggest library here in Wealthy Affiliate, you can create a question and people will help you as soon as you post the question.
        • Direct Private Message to Kyle and Carson – Where else can you find the owners of a big business and they are willing to engage you in a conversation? Of course, this is a premium member only.
        • I will be there if you need any help around and about WA and your goals – Please sign up using the link provided here. I will be notified and I will be able to offer you my help.

What is the Difference between a Starter Member and a Premium Member?

How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

          1. Starter Member – FREE $0. You are free to join, learn and stay forever.
          2. Premium Member – $19 for the first month. (That is if you take the 7 days discount promotion). $47 per month afterward. I recommend you take a look at the $359 yearly membership. It will be a huge savings of $209 per year. You may cancel membership at any time.

My Final Take + Special Bonus!

Well, I guess if you managed to get to this part, you have a more comprehensive understanding of Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is LEGIT. You simply need to check it out when you have time. Scratch that, just join already and make time! “You never succeed at anything in life if you never commit to it”.

Wealthy Affiliate covers from how to start an online business, grow it, master it, and maintain it. It is a great way to have another source of income.

Even though you are a seasoned Internet Marketer, Wealthy Affiliate is still a great place to be. You will have a community you can connect, learn new things, exchange information, and share experiences or ideas.

The Free Starter Member is the great choice for people who don’t have the luxury to invest another dime. You can even make money as a Starter Member and you will certainly obtain value from it alone.

Of course, I will prefer you choose the Premium Membership. It is way cheaper than taking a course at a University. Or any education program out there. Nobody can beat the price of education that Wealthy Affiliate provides. ($359 yearly with all the benefits above!)

You can use PayPal to pay. It is so easy to use PayPal. If I didn’t like what Wealthy Affiliate had to offer? You can cancel the subscription through PayPal. By the way, PayPal doesn’t want anything to do with scammers. So this is another sign that Wealthy Affiliate is legit.

Your quest for finding a swift and secure Internet Marketing program has ended. Your search is over!
Sign up and join for FREE.

How to Claim your Special Bonus!

I will personally welcome you there within an hour of you joining! Do me a favor? Take full advantage of the 7 days. If you see the silver lining to go forward before the 7 days ends, you’ll receive the 59% discounted PREMIUM membership for the first month on me for $19. Not only will I send

  • Full mentorship – Personal Help
  • Private Messages
  • Encouragement
  • As I learn you learn

A membership fee shouldn’t hinder you from fulfilling your dreams. Just think how much a college course would cost you?

Free to discover the benefits and you decide if you wish to continue. It’s up to you, but honestly, you have nothing to lose starting with the free membership and only a business to gain!

What Do You Think?

If you have any questions or just want to share your experience in WA, please leave comments down below.

I will be happy to help you.

I had fantastic time writing this article. I really do hope you like it and join the family.

See you around WA,


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  1. I like that your website is easy to read. The points are clearly presented as well. Good choice of template. In terms of the content, it is informative. I would like to add other the other perks of WA: for example, you can host your websites here and get instant support. This is particularly useful for beginners like myself. Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Lily,

      I really believe in what is taught at WA! I treated the simplicity of my website based on how I would like to read content. Clear, to the point, with a bit of self discovery. Great emphasis on the website support! I really believe the support system could take up an entire review on how amazing it is alone. For that specific reason I tried to keep it bare bones in a way.

      Mainly, because I want people who read my review to discover how great Wealthy Affiliate is. The same way I did when I stumbled upon the site. “Give me a candle and I’ll learn how to light the fire” I feel you definitely have to be passionate about what your accomplishing. Simply put, I want people to leave my site informed and decide when they need to light the fire.

      With WA as my backbone foundation, my creativity can flow in any direction. It opens up a business opportunity with not just one door, but multiple doors that you as the creator get to choose to take.

      Appreciate your time and comment! Hope you’ll stop back by as my website progresses with more content,


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